Texturres, April 2018

A solo exhibition of painting by artist Venita Lall Vohra.

“Texturres”, which opened at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore on 5th April till 8th April, comprised a body of approximately 39 artworks in mixed media and acrylic on canvas and was an art exhibition that interprets her life’s experiences.

The Chief Guest for the show was Mrs. Jija Harisingh, Ex -Director General of Police (Home Guards) from Karnataka, & Currently President, Art Mantram Foundation, and inaugurated by Mr. M G Doddamani, a renowned Artist.

Her art is as delicious as a multi-lingual poet’s lilting recipe that appeals to the flavours of many tongues (languages), their visual imagery telling her story of a life of parallel memories and colours. Therefore, the exhibition was a very personal experience, a sublime one at that, an interpretation of her persona and inner being which is vividly manifested through her body of works in the collection titled "Texturres". Venita’s works are dominated by the use of vibrant colours that blend harmoniously and complement each other and are marked by a variety of texturing techniques that give it a unique visual appeal.

The central theme mirrors the only constant in life—one which centers around the need for harmony. Venita says, “We are all one; we are born with nothing and leave this world with nothing, but we are remembered by our actions, achievements and interactions, hence our future lies in our hands. We all follow a different journey with varying purposes, wills, and intentions. However, the need to respect all cultures, religions, and feelings is crucial because in the end we need to harmonize and be one, for one is where we come from and one is where we go back to being.”