Thank you Venita. Lovely presentation. Enjoyed it. Keep painting. You are very talented❤❤ love your work Venita. and love the fact that you restarted recently

Lakshmi Ishwar

Interesting works Venita. I wish you all the best for more and more growth in this, your chosen field which gives you so much pleasure

Bharti Sagar

Venita your unassuming demeanour so pleasant so amiable and the Brightness in your heart which shows in your Art ❤️ thank you for letting us have a glimpse

Shymala Prabhu

The painting is SPECTACULAR, The MOST Beautiful art I've seen! Love it!

Robert Tharp,
Founder - Synergy Retreat, Costa Rica

Big things come in extra small packages . Venita this was just brilliant loved the work ❤

Lubna Hassan

Amazing work and thought behind it. True, it doesn’t always have to be words to express beautifully

Priya Alex

What a beautiful presentations Venita!!! Thank you so much for sharing your life, your philosophies and your very moving art. absolutely beautiful! loved the abstracts with Shiva and Ganesha! Just loved it!! Venita how incredibly gifted are you. From your silence has emerged poetry in form In colors and hues and strokes beyond space Subtle, bold, the power to transform.

Rugmani Prabhakar

Awesome Beautiful work Beautiful presentation Venita, a lovely snapshot of your journey as an artist.... loved the painting inspired by Kailash

Anu Talati

Loved the vibrant colours Venita, and what a range of expression! Simply wow

Pratiba Pant

A beautiful presentation, of your transition from realistic nature paintings to abstract expressionist form, very neatly organised into phases and styles!! Had loved the work when I saw it first at your solo show at CKP. Today, I so resonated with you when you talked of starting to paint and getting totally immersed and losing track of time!! All best wishes, dear Venita!! Happy painting...!

Jija Madhavan Harisingh

Beautiful paintings Venita. Like how you evolved so beautifully in all 3 stages. Loved your usage of colours.

Cavita Mehra

Hello Venita, Lovely presentation and wonderful paintings, very talented

Veena Saraswati

Amazing work and thought behind it. True, it doesn’t always have to be words to express beautifully

Priya Alex

Beautiful presentation Venita! Love your art works

Shoma Bakre

Lovely to know the evolving of the artist in you. Beautiful paintings

Elina Abraham

Vinita beautiful paintings. They speak volumes of your love for the art.


Comments on attending the Vidya Workshop

Thanks so much Venita for organising today’s session for our VIDYA staff members. We all thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a lot about having fun with colours and creating art! 🙏 I loved the pieces you did today

Shoma Bakre

Venita Lall thank you for a wonderful session. Very meaningful for the 50 teachers who joined from Vidya too, I'm sure

Yumna Harising Jawa

Thank you Venita and all the Mantram gang who joined in the fun sesssion. We all walk away with such interesting techniques. Love your style and colours. Super duper workshop.

Elina Abraham

Venita, your choice of medium and technique, flawless. Simple straight forward, and easy to take off from!! Thanks again!!!

Jija Madhavan Harisingh

Thoroughly enjoyed myself Venita Lall. Amazing!!! really enjoyed the session!!!

Rugmani Prabhakar

Venita enjoyed every moment didn’t realise how time flew..amazinnnnnng


As always vibrant colours and beautiful composition

Ravinder Kaur

Wow! That’s wonderful. Lovely session

Bharathi Sagar

Venita enjoyed watching it was amazing. So beautiful.


Fabulous paintings Venita. You use colour so well.

Cavita Mehra

Thank you Madam for such a colourful stress buster session.

Mule Vimala Srihari

Venita...lovely works of art....glad I participated in this programme..


Wow amazing session. really enjoyed.


Very nice stress buster session

Rekha Srinivasan

Lovely technique.

Veena Saraswati