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An exhibition of paintings by artist Venita Lall Vohra

Remover of obstacles - acrylic on canvas

‘Texturres’, a solo exhibition of painting by artist Venita Lall Vohra, will be held from April 5 – 8th April 2018 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Gallery Number 3) from 10am to 7pm and will showcase around 30 works in mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Venita’s works are dominated by the use of vibrant colours that blend harmoniously and complement each other and are marked by a variety of texturing techniques that give it a unique visual appeal.

Venita latest show ‘Texturres’, showcases works that are a veritable mélange of senses, colours and textures. The art exhibition, interprets her life’s experiences, “inspiring me, like emotions inside the mind”.Her works are marked by a certain minimalism that tell a story, conjuring up vivid images of a narrative, allowing respective interpretations and unraveling of deep connections within the artist. Therein lies a constant dialogue, a point of contact that the viewer then embarks upon, to interpret and engage with the art. Venita works on layering her canvas using acrylics with dry brush, texturing, pouring, collage and sponge painting among other techniques.

An Interior and Textile designer by profession, Venita Lall Vohra’s romance with creative design has now been a lifelong one. Her work was strongly influenced by an artistic inclination and a multi- cultural childhood and upbringing. Painting, for Venita, is not limited by a medium and she enjoys conjoining styles and media like ink, water, acrylic, oil, pen, pencil or poster paint, much like the versatility of life itself. Growing up on a tea plantation in the idyllic hills of Darjeeling, it was here, that she was initially drawn towards sketching and painting, conversing with lines and colours, in what would then begin a life-long association with the arts. Her constant travel and familial connections in Hong Kong, gave her the wonderful opportunity to learn Chinese painting, which largely influenced her art. She has also been greatly influenced by the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko (Latvian born American painter & Printmaker) for his use of vibrant colours and simplicity. Her works too are a riot of colours, simple yet profound, overt yet covert, all the elements uniting into the ‘One’.

Art Movements, namely Art Nouveau, De Stijl – Piet Mondrian, Suprematism – Kasimir Malevich, Bauhaus – Mies Van der Rohe – “Less is More” which have all impacted her as an artist. Venita is inspired by nature, by the environment and the pertinent questions that arise about our environs and surroundings. Through her art works, she hopes to sensitize the next generation and create a greater desire among them to protect Nature. She would like her art to be thought provoking and thereby elicit the viewers into a rich and meaningful conversation.


Venita Lall Vohra was born in the vibrant, culturally rich city of Calcutta in West Bengal. A gold and silver medal winner, Venita holds a background in Bachelor of Design, major in Interior Design from Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney and also has a Diploma in Textile Design (Printing and Dyeing) from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. She has showcased her nature-inspired collection of Chinese paintings in New Delhi. Venita has been featured widely by a range of publications and magazines, but notably by ‘Inside Outside’ magazine and ‘Indian Architect and Builder’, her design and storytelling panache opening windows into the life of a creative talent that is unique in its elegance and freshness.