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Shape of emotions RANJANI GOVIND | The Hindu | Apr 04, 2018

Venita Lall Vohra says, her visual imagery is a flowing narrative of her memories

Remover of obstacles - acrylic on canvas
Inspired by Colour Venita says her works are an interpretation of her life - Special Arrangement

It is texturing that makes a difference to Venita Lall Vohra’s works. Her 30 paintings, Texturres in vibrant hues in mixed media and acrylic on canvas will be part of an exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath from April 5 to 8.

Calling them a mélange of senses, colours and textures, Venita says the paintings are an interpretation of her life’s experiences. “Colours are an inspiration to me, they are like emotions that give shape to your thoughts.”

Venita, who took two years to complete the pieces for the exhibition, believes that art, like poetry, appeals to the senses and is open to interpretation. “The visual imagery I offer is a flowing narrative of my memories and colours I grew up with. The exhibition is a personal experience, although I leave it open for interpretation.”

An interior and textile designer by profession, Venita’s romance with creative design has been a lifelong one. “Be it interiors, textile or art, all such creative pursuits bring in a common line of imagination, experimentation and originality. Painting is not limited for me by a medium. I enjoy conjoining styles and media like ink, water, acrylic, oil, pen, pencil or poster paint.”

Growing up on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, Venita was drawn towards sketching, painting, lines and colours. Her constant travel and family in Hong Kong gave her the opportunity to learn Chinese painting, which largely influenced her art. “I am also influenced by the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko (Latvian born American painter and printmaker) with his use of vibrant colours and simplicity. This is where the elements of a riot of colours expressing a simple yet profound thought gripped me,” says Venita. Apart from this, art nouveau and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe also influenced her.

Venita layers her canvas using acrylics with dry brush, texturing, pouring, collage and sponge painting among other techniques that lend a unique visual appeal. “Acrylic on canvas is definitely my forte. I enjoy bringing layer on layer with several techniques that add more life and depth to my pieces.”

How long does she take to complete her paintings? “It takes anywhere between one week to one month to complete a piece. Each painting is different for the subject and mood. It also depends on the size. But it is finally the brush that seems therapeutic.”

“I do hope to sensitize the next generation and create a greater desire amongst them to protect nature.”

Venita has been in Bangalore for over 20 years now and is hosting her first show in the city under the name “Texturres. It’s the product of two years of hard work. “It is something I really wanted to do and hard work is the only way to go about achieving your passion,” she said, giving your artists a message as she takes her leave: “believe in what you do”.

The background

Venita Lall Vohra, born in Kolkata holds a background in Bachelor of Design with a major in Interior Design from Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney. She also has a Diploma in Textile Design (Printing and Dyeing) from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. She has showcased her nature-inspired collection of Chinese paintings in New Delhi. Venita came to Bengaluru 20 years ago and is settled in Koramangala. “Bengaluru is my home. I love the city as it has a vibrant art and culture scene.”