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Rediscover nature through these abstract, textured paintings AYESHA TABASSUM | IndulgeExpress | Mar 30, 2018

Valentine - acrylic on canvas

There’s a sea of colours, a sky of varied shades, a forest full of different hues, and a deep mine with layers of shimmering metallic tones. All these are from the collection of acrylic paintings titled Texturres by Venita Lall Vohra. An interiors and textile designer, Venita, presents her first solo art show this week at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.

All the 30-odd pieces of work are textural paintings done with acrylic. A sudden burst of blue, a fluid blend of green and turquoise, and structured yet lymphatic complementing strokes of gold, silver and black are a few elements that make Venita’s work striking. “I have always been inspired by nature and was fortunate to have been raised around it. I want to bring back nature into people’s homes and that’s the idea behind this collection,” says the artist who was raised in Darjeeling.

Each of her paintings is not just an abstract thought, it has a story to tell. There is one piece that attempts to showcase a raging forest fire, while another shows water as a shrinking resource on planet Earth. Venita skillfully uses different colours to create the textural patterns. “I take anything from a week to a few months to complete a piece and I use everything from brushes to kitchen paraphernalia to create these patterns,” says the artist who has taken two years to work on this collection.